Central Java’s Village of Leather Artisans

Located in Central Java, Jogjakarta is the home of Indonesian arts and culture and often, artisan industries centre around particular villages. Here we profile the village of Manding located in Jogjakarta’s South and how you can get there yourself.

The village of Manding which is located on Jalan Parangtritis, approximately 3 km east of  the City of Bantul in Jogjakarta. Here you will find a multitude of leather craftsmen and small shops selling jackets, shoes, bags and belts. As a centre of the leather industry, Manding has around 40 traditional leather production sites which empty hundreds of workers. 

Manding Village became known as center for leather industries from around 1957. The industry here was founded in 1947 by three young man want to develop their village from a delapitated war zone to a thriving community. In typical Indonesian entrepreneurial fashion,  they they learned how to create leather belts and other products to serve the growing market.

Over 47 leather shops line the village’s maim street where you can find a range of products and prices made with everything from cowhide, buffalo to goats. Artisans in this community also produce only leather, they develop and produce goods made water hyacinth or natural fibres.

Locals in this district are very friendly, and there are ample opportunities to learn from the experts craftsmen yourself. Just walk into one of the shops and ask politely.