Some 187 million Indonesian’s Will Vote for Their Next President Today

Amazing atmosphere over here in Indonesia today, as the country prepares to vote in their next President

Kate Grealy

Street art promoting a "clean election free of money politics" Street art in Indonesia promoting a “clean election free of money politics”

It’s 7:30am in Jakarta and I can hear the local mosque over loud speaker encouraging people to go out and vote today with their hearts, and praying that it all goes smoothly at peacefully. The atmosphere is calm, yet electric and anticipatory. It certainly isn’t an ordinary day, that’s for sure.

Indonesia, the world’s third largest democracy, with 187 million voters including 67 million first-time voters, will vote today for their next President.

This really is an occasion to celebrate the consolidation of democracy in the world’s fourth-largest nation, and  the most populous Muslim-majority country in the world.Indonesia is still a young democracy.

The country is holding its fourth presidential contest, sixteen years after the fall of the Suharto Miltary regime.75% of the Indonesian police force are on standby across the city of Jakarta just in case it isn’t. The military…

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