Cultural Conservation Through Enterprise

I was on an Air Asia flight a couple of days ago and read about a great initiative aimed at reviving traditional trades and professions through community-led conservation efforts in their in-flight magazine. The project in the article highlighted a collaborative initiative between expert designers from the UK, and traditional Jogja silversmiths called ‘Conservation Through Enterprise’. 


Slider HS 4
More Than Craftsmen
In April, the AirAsia Foundation collaborated with the British Council to organise a design innovation workshop with experts from the UK for 22 traditional silversmiths in Kotagede, Yogyakarta.
During the five-day workshop, the silversmiths were introduced to the latest design processes by Simon Fraser and Elizabeth Wright from Ultra-Indigo, a London-based design consultancy.
They were guided by Fraser and Wright in design techniques to help the transition from craftsmen to designers. This workshop is part of the Air Asia Foundation’s ‘Conservation Through Enterprise’ initiative with the Indonesian Community Architects’ Collective (Arkom Jogja) to encourage community-led conservation efforts by reviving traditional trades and professions.
The link to this article can be found here in Air Asia’s online version of its’ in-flight magazine. The above image is from



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