The Importance of Indonesia’s Art Patrons

When we consider the position of Indonesian art today and it’s rise in the context of Asian and Global Art, we cannot underestimate the role of its’ dedicated and passionate patrons

Kate Grealy

This is an article by Djuli Djatiprambudi about the import role of Indonesia’s generous art patrons which I translated from Indonesian to English. The original article in Indonesian is at the bottom of this post

Indonesian Art Minus It’s Patrons

Dr. Oei in an interview with leading Collectors of Asian Art, sitting in front of a magnificent painting by Hendra Gunawan, one of the leading modern artists of Indonesia. Image copyright © 2012 Patricia Chen. All rights reserved.

With the death of former President Sukarno in 1970, the Indonesian art world fell into a period of mourning. This grief was not only caused by the fact that Sukarno was a collector of art, but because he was a great patron and supporter of the Indonesian arts.

As a patron and supporter of Indonesian art throughout his life, Sukarno played an instrumental role in nurturing the development of Indonesian art as well as…

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